Container transport

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Do you want to deliver your container to the port or collect it from the port? Contact us. FRACHTEX will provide you with fast and effective transport of sea containers of all types, 20, 40, 45-foot containers as well as specialized containers to and from the ports such as Gdansk, Gdynia, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and many more or directly to your customers in Europe.

What are the benefits of the container transport?

  • speed and ease of transloading between different transport modes
  • the steel construction protects the load against theft, damage and adverse weather conditions
  • easier customs checks 
  • versality, which means that with small adaptations almost any cargo can be transported in a container

How much will I pay for the transport of my container?

The prices depend on factors such as: the distance that the container has to travel, the size of the container, cargo properties, time of year.

What are the popular types of sea containers?

20-foot containers

20 feet long universal containers of general purpose are most often used for the transport of general cargo.

40-foot containers

40 feet long universal containers of general purpose. Often found in High Cube (HC) and Pallet Wide (PW) configurations, making them more versatile.


45-foot containers

More and more popular in Europe 45-foot containers in HC and PW configurations. They can contain 33 euro pallets, so as many as a standard semi-trailer.


Specialized containers

Specialized containers are used to transport liquids, refrigerated or oversized loads. For example, refrigerated containers, which are called reefers, are commonly used for food transport.