Transport? No problem!

FRACHTEX will unburden you of your transport problems, no matter how heavy they are.

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What transport interests you?

Full truckload

For large quantities of goods a whole truck is an ideal solution. Let us handle this and you can count on the lowest possible unit cost of transport.

Less than truckload

If you have a smaller batch of goods to deliver, we will find you free loading space.

Container transport

Do you want to deliver your sea container to the port or collect it from the port? We will do it for you !

Stubbornly to destination!

Do you often ask yourself questions how much I will pay for the transport or where to find the right means of transport for my cargo? How much time do you spend in your company on seeking the answers to these and similar questions instead of focusing on your primary business activity? Let us handle this!

FRACHTEX stubbornly looks for best transport solutions for you business.