LTL Transport

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Entrust us with your partial load and we will find free loading space for you and offer a competitive price. In addition, we can offer a package of extra services such as loading and unloading using a lift or a truck-mounted crane, just-in-time deliveries, dangerous goods (ADR) deliveries and temperature-controlled deliveries.

What is less-than-truckload (LTL) transport?

Partial load or LTL transport (less than truckload), commonly referred as a part load, involves attaching our load to the vehicle with free loading space and delivering it directly to the recipient. The loading space of a transport mean is shared by more than one sender. With such a solution, we can reduce transport costs.

What are the features of LTL transport?

  • the weight of the package exceeding 30 kg or its dimensions are too large to send it by a regular parcel service
  • the load is usually in crates, barrels, various containers, bales or on pallets
  • as a standard, loading/unloading processes are from a ramp or by means of a forklift
  • may last longer than full truckload
  • the price depends on many factors

What are the benefits of LTL transport?

  • the load goes directly to the recipient without transloading and sorting, which affects the speed and security of delivery
  • attractive solution for smaller batches of goods
  • extra services possible such as loading/unloading with a lift or a truck-mounted crane

How much does LTL transport cost?

The price of LTL transport depends on factors such as the size of the consignment, weight, loading space used, distance that must be covered, place of loading, properties of the load, additional services.